Meet our Chubby Bucket Bag

Have you filled your bucket today?

Drawing solely on paint bucket for inspiration, Chubby Bucket Bag series comes in two sizes, the Big & the Small. 

They’re simple, spacious, and hip. Its unique round structure makes for a roomy carry-all option.

With a removable shoulder strap, the bag can be carried how you prefer.

Elevate any outfit by choosing this contemporary piece.


Styling Tip #1

Bucket bags are great to carry for everyday outings during your daily routine because they can often hold all you need them too, but don't look as serious or stern as a briefcase. 

For neutral tone outfits, find a more vibrant version of a color you're already wearing without clashing with your garments.

Styling Tip #2

Shrink your accessories in this mini version of bucket bag that gives a playful feel.

Drawing solely on paint bucket for inspiration, Small Chubby is basically a bag within a bag.

And this is the cute bag you may want to bring it between a bridal shower, fancy dinner banquet and Sunday brunch!


Styling Tip #3

Use your bag as a splash of color for occasions where you normally wouldn't have much color in your outfit, such as white-tie affairs or when you are wearing a suit. 

Pair your bucket bag with a blazer your favorite blouse and trousers combination to add a bit of fashion to your daily look. 

Styling Tip #4

For a perfect casual look, you may go for a neutral colored bag that will go great with your tee and jeans combination.


Styling Tip #5

Add more drama to your outfit like an all-black chic black dress or jumpsuit by pairing a vibrant-colored version of bucket bag for an edgy look!



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